Be Present. Live in the Now.

Orá Trattorizza seamlessly combines elements of a traditional Italian trattoria and pizzeria under one roof to offer diners a unique, authentically Italian dining experience that celebrates the “now” or “orá.”


Orá’s menu will focus on delivering bold Italian flavors in both classic, traditional dishes as well as re-imagined, more elevated ones. While changing seasonally and continually drawing inspiration from local ingredients, the menu will offer a variety of appetizers, salads, composed entrées, pasta dishes, and pizzas. The highlight of the menu, Ora’s pizza, will be made in the traditional Italian manner with 00 flour in an authentic, custom brick pizza Marra Forni oven that was imported from Italy.


Pizzas will be cooked in less than two minutes in the gold-tiled oven that will serve as the centerpiece of the restaurant. Other menu items will include homemade pastas, antipasti and salads that will all be made with the highest quality ingredients. 

Now + Trattoria + Pizzeria = Ora’ Trattorizza